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Eaton is a global leader with expertise in:

  • Power distribution and circuit protection
  • Backup power protection
  • Solutions for harsh and hazardous environments
  • Lighting and security
  • Structural solutions and wiring devices
  • Control and automation
  • Engineering services

Eaton is positioned through global solutions to answer today’s most critical electrical power management challenges. With 100 years of electrical experience behind us, we’re energized by the challenge of powering up a world that demands twice as much energy as today. we’re anticipating needs, engineering products and creating solutions to energize our markets today and in the future. We are dedicated to ensuring that reliable, efficient and safe power is available when it’s needed most.

Power Quality

For more than 50 years, Eaton has been safeguarding the critical systems of businesses across the globe. Whether protecting a single desktop or a large data centre, Eaton solutions provide clean, uninterrupted power to keep mission-critical applications working. We offer a comprehensive range of environmentally sensitive, efficient, reliable UPSs, Surge protective devices, Power distribution units (PDUs), Remote monitoring solutions, Meters, Software, Connectivity solutions enclosures, Airflow management and Professional services. We work with IT and Facilities Managers to effectively manage power in virtually every business segment, including data centres, retail outlets, healthcare organisations, governmental agencies, manufacturing firms, broadcasting companies, financial institutions and a wide variety of other areas. Our solutions provide the power to make a difference, helping you achieve your business goals while maintaining an environmentally sustainable enterprise.

Intelligent Power Pod

Eaton solution for converged infrastructures Eaton Intelligent Power Pod is an integrated power management system for converged and hyper converged infrastructure solutions, which provides the business continuity and resilience you need. We help keep your Business Live 365.

ePDUs, Racks and Services
Eaton’s ePDUs provide best-in-class power distribution, enabling data centre and IT managers to effectively monitor and manage their rack environments.

Basic G3 ePDUImage 1
Reliable and cost effective power distribution
•Features Eaton’s patented IEC outlet grip plug retention
•Color-coded outlet sections
•Low-profile form factor and a high operating temperature
•Rear and slide variable button mounting system and Eaton’s patented clip foot system

Metered ePDU G3
±1% billing grade accuracy
•Advanced LCD pixel display showing V, W, A and kWh
•Hot-Swap meter and the ability
•Daisy chain four ePDUs to share the same network connection and IP address
•Rear and side variable button mounting system and Eaton’s patented clip foot system

Switched ePDUs
Designed to provide reliable, consistent power distribution in temperatures of up to 50°C
Switching: Individual outlet, sequencing of outlets with delays or cycling
Monitoring: Accurate monitoring of the ePDU as a whole for kWhr, V, W and A
Control: Monitor over Ethernet or via Advanced LCD screen on the unit, control via Ethernet

Image 2Rack enclosures: Our range of IT racks have been designed to offer the ultimate in performance, ease of use and energy cost savings. Superior airflow management will keep IT equipment working longer and more reliably, while a full range of cable management and storage accessories help to keep your racks neat and well-organised.

The New RE Series IT Racks
RE Series is our enclosure platform of choice for essential housing applications. The RE series is particularly suited to back office and commercial building infrastructure applications. These racks are serviced from stock for easy availability.

RP Series IT Racks
Eaton’s premium enclosure system offers the industry’s broadest range of compatibility, accessories and options for mission-critical data centre equipment.

Great services to support your business
Eaton offers world-class service through its factory-trained service technicians, which deliver support including on -site corrective and preventive maintenance, battery solutions, service training, remote monitoring, integration services and OEM spare parts. We understand that the pressure is on to accomplish goals quickly, within limited budgets. That is where our expertise in power protection can become one of your customer’s greatest assets. We offer site surveys and advice on the right UPS solutions to meet their needs. We also offer a full range of competitively priced turn-key distributed service packages for plug and play UPSs, all designed to optimise your customers’ UPS performance and enhance the availability of their IT equipment.

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Plug & Play UPS Services
For plug & play UPSs Eaton offers you a full range of distributed service packs. These competitively priced turn-key solutions optimize your UPS performances
and enhance the availability of your equipment while meeting your financial constraints and technical requirements.


Hardwired UPS Services

For hardwired UPSs Eaton offers and extended warranty as well as service plans to match different types of maintenance needs and budgets.






Intelligent Power Software


Eaton Intelligent Power Software integrates seamlessly with power hardware
to provide unparalleled business continuity capabilities.
It manages all network connected power infrastructure,
triggers virtual machine migration plans and shuts down non-essential devices
in order to keep your business  running during power events.
Seamless integration with leading virtualisation environments enables simplified
management from a single pane of glass.

• View critical power information on devices including UPSs, ePDUs and environmental sensors
   from the vCenter or XenCenterdashboard
• Instantly access critical information, such as UPS battery condition, load levels and battery runtime
• Remotely and gracefully shut down servers in clusters during a power event
• Trigger vMotion, XenMotion™ and other migration applications to transparently move virtual machines to an available server on the network