Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy


Galtec Solutions Limited is committed to the conservation of the environment and to minimising the environmental impact on the company’s activities.

Environmental Policy Aims

  • to comply with applicable environmental legislation and relevant codes of practice
  • to integrate environmental considerations into business decision making
  • to minimise waste and to reduce, re-use, or recycle where we can
  • to make efficient use of energy
  • to integrate environmental impact information with our in house staff training.
  • to gradually improve our environmental performance
  • to review and update this policy annually and to make it available to employees, customers and suppliers

Specific objectives

We will target relevant activities where we have direct control and where our activities can cause a direct impact. These will gradually be extended. Areas targeted initially are described in this document.

Paper usage

All training manuals and other company documents are printed double-sided/duplex to reduce paper consumption. Where possible our stationery is printed on recycled paper. Manuals are printed on demand to reduce possible wastage. Ink cartridges are refilled where possible. We have also now moved over to ‘print on demand’ only sales literature and actively encourage the use of our e-literature available via our website or by email. Duplication of mail sent to the company is pro-actively discouraged. We also encourage the use of e-mail and web based communication. We continue to make headway towards a paperless office.

Equipment disposal

  • we aim to re-use or donate items such as electronic equipment which we no longer require
  • we also contribute to re-use by receiving items such as using 2nd user pc’s from other parties.

Weee Directive

Galtec Solutions comply with all aspects of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006, our Environment Agency Producer Registration Number is WEE/AD0509VR.

Energy usage

Our offices are fitted throughout with low consumption light bulbs.
Our servers are all Dell Energy Efficient.

Team involvement

All employees of Galtec Solutions are responsible for ensuring that this policy is implemented. The management team regularly review and update the environmental policy,


The following details the 2014 carbon footprint for Galtec Solutions:

Gas consumption: 54672 kW.h

Carbon dioxide equivalent: 10113 kg CO2e

Electricity consumption: 181960 kW.h

Carbon dioxide equivalent: 89936 kg CO2e

Diesel consumption in vehicles used in carrying out Galtec business: 692 litre

Carbon dioxide equivalent: 1801 kg CO2e

Hence, total quantity of carbon dioxide emissions = 101850 kg CO2e

Hence, Galtec Solutions is responsible for around 102 tonne of carbon dioxide emissions from its buildings & vehicles.

The quantity of IT equipment sold by Galtec Solutions has increased consistently from 2010 to 2015.
The below graph shows performance with 2010 rebased to 100.